It’s Giveaway Time —– Are you Ready?

Here’s how it works, there are 4 bloggers, giving away 3 prizes each and you can enter on every site if you would like.  And then, there will be one grand prize from all the entries on all 4 of the blogs.  So, what’s the prize you ask? Each blogger will give 3 winners a…


Life Lesson #18: Disrespect breeds disrespect

This entry is part 18 of 22 in the series Life Lessons

This one is planned for some short and sweet passive aggressive behavior.  And, let’s all be real here, as annoying as those phantom “vaguebook” posts are where people make generalizations, sometimes, if you have something to say, it’s better to just be vague and generalize lest you receive information from others that you didn’t really…


Life Lesson #15 The Cat VooDoo

This entry is part 15 of 22 in the series Life Lessons

This is a gross Life Lesson although I’ll do my best to infuse some humor into it.  You see, I have been battling this thing, I’ll call it the Cat Voodoo.  What is the cat voodoo you ask?  Well……my version of the cat voodoo is these prickly little bumps that currently reside at the root…

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