How many times have I said almost all of this? Comment on other blogs, syndicate your posts and a few more top tips from the likes of the @TedRubin’s of the world


You can definitely do well to read the full article on ChattyPost where 35 top notch social media specialist give you the tips that they find most useful.  If you are a long term reader of mine, some of these are going to sound very familiar . Remember, a little selfish here but I’m highlighting some of the folks who share similar ideas as myself… Ammar Ali – ... [ Read More ]

Because I’m Happy #11–I’m Happy but apparently I missed a day! Ooops!


Well, I missed a day, just straight up  missed it so it seems.  The fact that I posted 2 the day before doesn’t really count does it?  Oh well, skip it and move on. I have never been more certain of anything in my life.  Yes, I said, I’m confident and I’m cocky in this one particular subject area.  Indeed, you can’t be more confident in anything than I ... [ Read More ]