When can it be a Good Idea to Hire House Plants?

Do you ever think that it would be good to have house plants around but you don’t want them forever or you want to be able to change them on a regular basis? If either of these apply to you then you may find hiring plants is a good solution. There are plenty of plant hire options out there, whether it be for a home or for an office environment. Hiring could be perfect for you, … [Read more...]

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To Read is to Succeed, right?


Gone are the days that I can get toys and gifts for my kids, let them play with them and then hide them and let Santa bring them in…haha go ahead, don’t say you’ve never done it…but at 9 and 11, that’s impossible now.  It’s always hard for me to keep secrets but let me tell you what I have here and what I did because seriously, some things are too good to just give up for no … [Read more...]

Extra Caddy


I don’t know how it is but I can manage to take a big bag of stuff everywhere I go and often times, that big bag is just not quite big enough.  If golf is your game then here’s a quick fix for you…and a neat fix….and a cute fix….and a very useful fix… Extra Caddy is an innovative, golf accessory designed to hold up to five golf clubs. Inspired by those long treks off the … [Read more...]