Because I’m Happy #1 ~ Working It

So this one is going to have a lot of information and be very short…packing a lot for my punch here tonight.  We have accomplished a lot this long weekend…..really quick like 1.  Wayne got both boys laptops working and the extra one as well. 2.  The dishes are all washed. 3.  We spent no extra money that we didn’t have to be spending in the first place. 4.  We’ve eat everything in Read More

I’m No Expert, but Here’s Your Sign ~ Google Panda

Here is a great article about Google Panda and the very notion that it is NOT going away.  I’ve said for a few days now (since Google killed Authorship) that I suspect a page rank update is coming regardless of how many times Google implies they are going to get rid of it.  The fact of the matter is, they haven’t axed it yet and there’s no reason to expect them to, other than the fact that they seem Read More

Life Lesson #31 ~ You can do anything you set your mind to and you can NOT do anything you set your mind NOT to do!

I set out over a month ago to bring this little spot in the internet back to life.  And I made a decision to use a daily Life Lesson to make it easier for me to get things rolling.  I’ve done it, 31 straight days of blogging with some pretty cool days and enlightenment and some days of pure nonsense.  Here, on day 31, I leave you with a though….as tomorrow, we will start with a fresh topic!  Read More

Life Lessons #30 ~ My Kids are Kind of Great

While life is running at a speed that’s basically unhealthy for anyone, it’s hard for anyone, children especially, to find a place of comfort.  My kids are, like most, creatures of habit.  The fact that their parents are the kind who like to make decisions on the fly and make decisions on the spur of the moment, the kids, they just can’t handle it yet.  And they shouldn’t be.  Every yea Read More

Life Lesson #29 ~ More of me looking for help than learning a lesson

Jerri Ann Reason   Ok, have an issue here, if you had 2 kids close in age that were boys who not only did’t like each other, at all, but have nothing in common at all……here’s my problem: we do basically everything as a family . We go shop for groceries together, 99% of the time that Wayne is not working, we are all four together…..but it seems that the 11 year old can’t s Read More

Nursery wall stickers and quotes – A perfect way of creative teaching for nursery kids

Nursery wall stickers and quotes – A perfect way of creative teaching for nursery kids Decorating of the nursery room is of really fun and more creative. It’s the perfect place for the kids that bring the inner world of the child to the outer world. It enhances the imagination of the child and the child loves to spend more time there. I really enjoyed a lot when arranging the room creatively for the new member Read More

Life Lesson #28: Never say “My kid won’t _______________”

Because come hell or high waters, your  kid is gonna do that or die.  Ah yes, I remember my mom being called to school when I was pretty young because I apparently used the nasty b* word.  I can’t image and have no memory of it or the punishment that it carried.  Honestly, knowing what I know now about how sheltered I really was, it is hard for me to believe too.  Not hard to believe th Read More