Life Lesson #29 ~ More of me looking for help than learning a lesson

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Jerri Ann Reason


Ok, have an issue here, if you had 2 kids close in age that were boys who not only did’t like each other, at all, but have nothing in common at all……here’s my problem: we do basically everything as a family . We go shop for groceries together, 99% of the time that Wayne is not working, we are all four together…..but it seems that the 11 year old can’t stay out of trouble and punishing him during the school week is not hard at all, but we have a three day weekend right here and if we punish him, we have to essentially punish the other child. (this has happened in reversal plenty of times but the younger is easier to punish without having to punish the older one…

omg did I just ramble all that off right…..the down and dirty is one needs some serious punshment and the other none and I don’t know how to make it work out……there’s more to the 11 year olds emotional state in this as he gets so upset when you try to talk to him about anything, he seems to think we are attacking him…

ok facebook parents, what do I do? Go! (as usual, I am not proofreading that so thank you for reading garble)


  • Mike Martin Does the oldest spend alot of time on electronics? The reason why i ask is my oldest dies when taking away those kinda things.. he can go places but leaves all those kinda things at home..also took all games outta his room..when i do it there is no talj about when he gets it back or i tack on another at my house..

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  • Jerri Ann Reason well he does like electronics and we have taken those already for the incident yesterday but looks it is gonna be a long unplugged weekend for him, but still that punishes Jace part of the time too I just don’t khow MIke, I got an earful tis mornig that I knew nothing about

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  • Tamara Dickson Langley We take electronics away as punishment for Colin. His attitude completely changes.

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  • Jerri Ann Reason Well those are gone and he knew he was on a trial run today for even getting the back for the weekend, then I find out all the other stuff that has gone on, none of it really big, but just annoying, breaking the rules, kind of stuff, can’t finish his work, can’t sit still in gym before school, rowdy in the lunchroom

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  • Jerri Ann Reason what gives?

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  • Jerri Ann Reason at this rate, he’s gonna be the only kid in school that was brainwashed and knows nothing of these electronics

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  • Mike Martin Boredom in school was my problem..I wasnt bad kid just sitting still was very hard for me..

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  • Jerri Ann Reason he is bored and that’s part of the rason we were hoping to get in at park, they have 3 days of gifted and he gets one and spends half of it on a bus from Lupton to Valley, then they don’t even start this early

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  • Jerri Ann Reason so my question for you Mike Martin and Tamara Dickson Langley because obviously you are the only 2 friends I have, how do I do this without punishing everyone else including me and Wayne lol

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  • Mike Martin truly if these are the problems he is having and getting in trouble for I am not sure a huge punishment is warrented..It sounds like restlessness and boredom are the main things..I guess I would reinforce the school he getting detention or what are there punishments for him?

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  • Jerri Ann Reason he got break detention one day and they called me yesterday and made him tell me what he did, and yea too much of a punishment can bakefire but…..yesterday, when he got home and was doing some chores he was given b/c of what he said yesterday, the kid was freakin’ whistling while he did it grrr

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  • Tamara Dickson Langley Well, that’s the tricky part. By taking away the electronics it does punish the entire family. Meaning we have to find some way to entertain him, thus in a way rewarding bad behavior, just in a different manner. He loses electronics, but gets to play wiffle ball,backyard football, swim, other outdoor activities with the rest of the family and neighborhood. I’m not sure there is really a good solution

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  • Mike Martin muzzle I suggest a muzzle lol’

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  • Tamara Dickson Langley I agree ^^^ if school punishment is adequate for the issues at school, give him a break. You and I both know that our schools are not entirely geared toward those children who are gifted with above average intelligence. (This in no way is meant as bashing any teacher or educator)

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  • Mike Martin but seriously doesn’t sound like anything to bad..the problems I get are ” cody beat some kid up at school today” Now TJ gets bored bad too..gets in trouble for singing and whistling wile he is doing his work..I tell the school if that’s all I got to worry about then im fine..

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  • Jerri Ann Reason He is………………….I dont know how to say it without it coming off bad, but he is very smart, he knows it and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He would wear some of the craziest concoctions and not care that the other kids laugh at him.

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  • Jerri Ann Reason I took his game for this afternoon because he didn’t finish some chore, crap who can keep up at this rate but sure wuld hate for everyone to be miserable all weekend…whicih i what my instinct tells me

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  • Mike Martin awww give it back..and put the playboys back under his mattress..let the boy have some fun..

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  • Jerri Ann Reason Mike Martin that is so not funny, he logged in on Wayne’s computer (told you he is a geeky tech boy) and managed to find some after the “act” videos omgoodness behing 11 is hard

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  • Tamara Dickson Langley Mike Martin, we are talking electronics here, not that^^ hahaha

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  • Mike Martin U have great kids with perfectly normal kid problems in school..yall are great parents too.. I think u already know what ur gonna do. just overthinking like all us parents..second and third guessing..tryin not to mess the kids up permanently with choices we make…

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  • Mike Martin LOL..Mine found out searching for BIG KNOCKERS was not a big hammer lol

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  • Jerri Ann Reason seriously ya’ll I do kind of have an idea of what I’ gonna do but we’ve had the big smackdown boot camp going on here athome since early August and we were breaking some bad habits fast…or so we thought…I had a client ask me to use “big eyed girl” on a design for her and just let me tell you, do not search that either

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  • Jerri Ann Reason Wayne Reason you need to read this when you have time

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  • Malwen Mat Theriot “Punishment” for Yuri was always challenging for us. Nothing seemed to phase him. Finally I knew I had to get “physical” with him – Just like in Boot camp….. The drill instructors used to take the fight out of us by working us out until we were exh…See More

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  • Jerri Ann Reason Walker can’t stand up and walk across the room without tripping over the cracks in the floor….he (and I know you don’t know) is his father made over, he has little to no coordination at all, it’s really bad, we had a few chats with teachers at school…See More

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Nursery wall stickers and quotes – A perfect way of creative teaching for nursery kids

Nursery wall stickers and quotes – A perfect way of creative teaching for nursery kids

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Once I completed the arrangement with the nursery wall stickers then saw ideal change from normal room to a nursery room. I got really confused when selecting the stickers for the new room. I found many amazing and gorgeous baby nursery wall decals to select for both baby boy and baby girl. I was completely confused as what to select and what not to select, each and every sticker was very cute than one another. And I found bathroom wall art is excellent, also.

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Nursery wall stickers are one of the best methods of arranging the room to look special. I searched many websites for these to place order for these nursery wall decals. I got a wide range of selections in online rather than at the retailer shop. They are very affordable as well.

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Hard part of selection

Choosing for the correct nursery wall stickers is the quite difficult part. These stickers come in different shapes and sizes. Choose the stickers in such a way that in stays up to certain period of time. So as your child grows it starts learning by seeing those nursery stickers. Stickers and images play a vital role in teaching the child in a creative way.

Nursery quotes

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Nursery wall quote are one of the greatest ways that can put our feeling for the baby over the walls. You can select the quotes which is as simple as the baby’s name. Though the baby can’t read those nursery quotes up to certain age, when we visit the room we feel very happy and extreme love towards the child. It gives you a sentimental feeling each time when you see those quotes.

When my daughter turned two years, I changed with the nursery wall quote from uk wall quotes shop, as it needs change with development of the child. It can be easily applied over the wall can be removed without damaging the wall. You can choose the quotes with the growth of your child.

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With the help of this nursery wall quote all the nick names of my little one from the day I got to know the arrival of her and wrote the favorite sayings for her. Apart from if we are having dreams or hopes for our baby we can even get it quoted on the wall as well by keeping hope that some or the other day our child will make true all our dreams and hopes.

I got these nursery wall quote done to the painted walls of my house and waited up to two weeks so that the wall should not get any damaged. I got it designed so that it stays it stays at a place for longer period of time. Even as my child grows up I can refresh the sweet memories that with her arrival over the years. It recalls the happiest moments of our life.

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Life Lesson #28: Never say “My kid won’t _______________”

life lessons final

Because come hell or high waters, your  kid is gonna do that or die. 

Ah yes, I remember my mom being called to school when I was pretty young because I apparently used the nasty b* word.  I can’t image and have no memory of it or the punishment that it carried.  Honestly, knowing what I know now about how sheltered I really was, it is hard for me to believe too.  Not hard to believe that I would do something wrong, just that word in that setting.

My mom said she told the school, “she wouldn’t do that, she doesn’t even know that word”. 

Alas, my mom said “my kid wouldn’t ______________’”

And her kid did!

I don’t think I’ve been quite the parent to say my kid won’t do something but honestly, I never thought that this kid, the oldest kid, this particular kid would be doing this.  Sure, I knew he was going to do it, I mean, we all have our vices but I wasn’t expecting him to get in trouble for this….alas…we handled it.

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Boy Comically Protests Mother’s Pregnancy News – Oh the joys of children….



One of the biggest events in the life of a family is the arrival of a new child. It’s almost always a very big deal for the expectant mother, as well as the friends and family members around her. Usually the announcement of the pregnancy is met with congratulatory feedback. But in the case of Shanee Gibson Hart, from Fort Lewis, Washington, telling her young son, Tré, and toddler daughter, Amaya, was more of an ordeal than a big deal. Filming the announcement to her children in the privacy of a car, Hart broke the news, and her little man was none too happy yet quite hilarious.

Check out the story and video on Yahoo News.

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Life Lesson #25–Some of you aren’t gonna like this but it is real ya’ll


life lessons final

The conversations about how difficult Jace is to deal with linger, day in and day out.  The following is a run down by me of one of our mornings……I was abusing one of my pals by venting to her… may not make perfect sense in all he places but it is pretty coherent reading if you try……and don’t hate me for it…..

he is an asshat

he has got his way so much here

let me iron out a day for you,

he gets out of bed grunting and grumbling

he walks to the back and takes off his pull up and sometimes he puts it in the trash and other times he hides in the closet or behind the bed

he then goes to the recliner where he balls up and demands clothes

I insist that he ask nicely or get them himself

it’s 50/50, if he gets them,

we fight b/c he gets a purple sleeveless shirt and sweat pants and blue and green socks and sliders

if I get them, he whines b/c he didn’t want that purple sleeveless shirt and sweat pants and blue and green socks and sliders

so i leave him with his clothes crying and go to the kitchen

he throws clothes around the living room

I bust his butt or at least threaten to

Walker comes through half a sleep and he throws a shoe or something similar at him

he screams while I bust his tail again or threaten to or cry or both

I go to the kitchen and return with lunches and lunch boxes

he doesn’t like anything we have and i tell him he doesn’t know what we have b/c i just went to the store today

and he says fine he just won’t eat lunch at all so I lay his lunch and his lunch box on the table  and say suits me

he falls in the floor like a banshee screaming because he can’t get the lunch in the lunchbox

I ask walker if he is eating breakfast at school or home he says one or the other

and Jace throws a tantrum b/c he wants to do which ever it was that Walker didn’t choose

I tell him too bad

Wlker gets his lunch box that Ipacked and puts it in his backpack 

jace sits on the the floor trying to shove his into his backpack all the while screeching that it doesn’t fit

I send them to brush their teeth and he takes Walker out as he walks by

I send one to brush and leave the other behind

which ever one I send,

Jace yells, he always goes first or I always have to go first

they fight,

we argue I spat his butt for real this time

time to go,

he has on no shoes

he can’t find his snack money b/c he threw it in his backpack when he was mid-tantrum

I said too bad, do without

I give walker his snack money and head out the door

leave the door open while he wallows in the he floor screeching b/c he can’t get his shoes on

and I know he can’t tie them I get in the car,

he is a few steps behind he gets in the car,

slams his backpack in and whacks Walker in the had with it

Walker hits back this time

so they both get in trouble and Jace is crying and walker is Complaining because he is such a pain

I’m driving

I turn the music up

they keep fussing

one hits the other

sometimes I pull over and lay down the law again

sometimes I turn he music up louder

we get to school

Walker wants me to pull up to one end and let him out and

which ever end it is, Jace wants to go to the other

I go to the same one every day

they still fight about it

I pull up,

Walker has to gather his stuff

and in the meantime,

Jace is slinging his backpack in the air hitting him in the head

I lay down the law again and

Walker gets out and

I kick Jace out crying

are you tired yet?

because it’s just 7:10 AM


Now I’m not sure what the life lesson is there other than I have held my ground every day and even after he had a major meltdown this morning and I did indeed give him a few swats…….he got in he car ready to go to my mom’s this afternoon.  I let him know that he was not going to see her until he could behave in the mornings.  You misbehave before school, you stay home after, new rule.

He cried quietly and then was fine.

He even went to the store with me.

And his behavior is improving. 

Blame the parents, always the parents fault………………oops, this time I do believe it is.

jerri ann

Come September

We all try to act like birthdays aren’t a big deal after we pass that, oh I don’ t know 30 year old mark.  But, the truth is, they are a big deal, celebrate life, be happy you made it through another year.  That said, next Wednesday, September 3, I will celebrate being another year older…..I’ve outlived my father by 2 years already and this will give me 3.

So, here’s the thing, since Facebook seems to help solicit the birthday wishes, I’m going to see if I can get my pals who simply see the notification and then quickly tap out a Birthday wish to join me in another fun project.  Feel free to wish me a happy birthday, don’t get me wrong, I love that…but I want you to take part in something I’ll remember for a very long time……

We are going to construct a story…..and you are going to be the authors. The title of this story is, “Come September”.  Come on, get out the crazy inhibitions and help me write this story.  You only need to leave your name in the rest of the form and that’s just so I can come thank you for all the well wishes and for helping me tell this story.

come september

It’s really simple, this is your average linky but instead of leaving a link to a post your have written, simply put your portion of the story in the box and enter any link you would like in the link area.  Just pick up where the last person left off and keep telling the story……I can’t wait and Happy Birthday to me!


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