From the Trash Can – Writing Prompt – Back to School

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What is your favorite Back To School Tradition/Event/Purchases/Teacher?

Growing up in a household with a teacher and becoming a teacher myself and now with children who enter the local public schools as students, I am a victim of cycles that revolve around school.  What exactly does that mean and how is it my favorite Back to School Tradition?

Well, everyone gets new socks and underwear in August right before school starts, new shoes are on the ticket along side other school supplies.  That’s just how we roll when our lives revolve around a school calendar instead of the a yearly Jan to Dec calendar. 

We also get new socks and underwear and shoes for Christmas and again in the late spring as school dismisses for summer.  I often wonder about living life outside this little bubble but the truth is, I like it, I like my school calendar and I an plan to spend funds this way without having to question. 

And you?  Tell me your favorite Back to School teacher, event, tradition and add your linky to our list.

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