It’s Mapped All Wrong–Are you listening? MOMMMM

Lately the sounds that permeate the walls around me are filled with blah blah mindcraft and blah pokeblahman or even blahmonopolyblah.  Yes, Santa was good to the lads and what can I say, it was fun knowing that they were excited still about the whole idea of Santa and they really have seemed appreciative of his gifts. 

However, part of that blah blah blah has left me with some really funny stuff for blog fodder.  I’ll get to some more later but for tonight, I’m going to give you, “It’s mapped all wrong”. 


Walker has played various games, both digital and board (and card) over the last 2 weeks to the point that I wonder if he is even alive.  Today however, he took a break, it was time to critique one of these games.  Now, I love this kid with all the bones and juice in my body but he is quite a character when it comes to geek stuff.  He is just almost nerdy.  Ok, at 10 years old, the kid weighs barely 80 pounds or so but wears a size 16 jeans and shirt.  So to say he is all arms and legs wouldn’t be an understatement.

Anyway, he is walking around with his newly coveted Nintendo 3DS XL which has this super large screen and blah blah blah…..he then commences on his mission….to explain to and convince anyone that will listen that “this game is mapped all wrong”.   I overhead him explaining it to Genius and I listened as Genius entertained him up to the point where Walker asked for a piece of paper to draw it out for him.  That was the end of the conversation and convincing for dad.

And the kid moves on into my territory and the conversation went like this:

Walker:  Mom, can you believe it?  The thing…it’s just mapped all wrong

Me:  uhummm

Walker:  I mean, how hard can it be, just look, you come in through this door, mom are you looking

me:  uhummmm

Walker:  and then this door over here, I mean really, it’s just mapped all wrong, have you got any paper?

me:  nuhuh

Walker:  well if you’ll look….mom are you looking?

me:  Walker it’s dark, I can’t even see you

Walker:  can I turn the light on (and he does it) because really it is that easy, you can’t just come in from  here and go out over here, it’s just mapped all wrong.

me:  uhummm

Walker:  I don’t know, what do you think?  Does this make sense to you?  I mean, I can draw it on paper for you if you want, do you have some paper?

me:  uhummmm

Walker:  well it’s just wrong, how can that do that?

Me:  Why don’t you go fix it? 

Walker:  Mom, I’m just telling you it’s mapped wrong, I don’t know how to fix it.


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