Our Biggest Parenting Issue with a 10 Year Old

Freshly anointed as a being a decade old today, my oldest son rolled his eyes at me when I broke out the Happy Birthday song this morning that was surely ready for broadway…..*ahem, maybe not*.  He is just a non-humored little boy and doesn’t get all excited about such things as a a birthday.  He even got a laptop for his birthday and while he was much appreciative, he really wanted a $10 gift card to go with it.  And, he paid for part of the laptop himself because they didn’t have the one we were going to buy in stock and he had a choice of waiting a couple of days to get one or putting in some money to get one that costs a little more.  He didn’t even hesitate.

But anyway, he is a good kid and with him turning 10 and Jace fresh off of his birthday in November….I have to say, our biggest parenting issue is bedtime.  Why?  You think after those toddler years are over that going to bed won’t be such a headache.  But, bedtime has ALWAYS been an issue in this house.

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Of course the issue has changed over the years but it’s still an issue.  The issue right now is that both boys want to sleep with us and really, we are big people so having 2 little munchkins in the middle makes for cramped quarters at night.  But, the next issue is that both boys want to sleep by me.  So, we put into action the “week at a time” rule.  It didn’t really solve much in terms of the boys going to sleep any earlier.  They simply giggle and laugh until I went to bed and then one whined because he couldn’t sleep by his mommy and the other one whined because his mommy wouldn’t rub his back for 3 hours.

That said, I do have a funny story to tell.  Last night was the first night of Walker’s week and of course, today’s his birthday so what could be more fitting, right?  I couldn’t sleep so I got up and when I returned to bed, I had to move that bundle of arms and legs toward the middle of the bed so I could steal a corner.  Once I was in bed, I realized my feet were really cold and that’s when I made a revelation…..

Walker is going to make some woman a really good husband because when he finally settled down, I put my cold, really really cold feet on his warm feet and he didn’t even budge.  He didn’t jerk away, he just wrapped them long feet around mine and kept right on snoozing.  And, seriously is that not the first thing you wanted to know about your new man before making a decision about marrying him?  Will he keep my feet warm at night?  Yep!  Walker is your boy…..

Happy Birthday Walker 1

This little parenting issue wasn’t one I even dreamed about when my guy was little.  I just happened upon this Amber Pumpkin Jewellery and wondered if it would have been helpful.

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