Purex and Fels Naptha Bar

Indeed cleaning white baseball pants has been quite the challenge all spring and summer. I heard other women talking about using the Fels Naptha Bar and I really thought it sounded like way more work than I wanted to get involved in.  I was using other products simply because they seemed to do the trick and were “easier”. 

However, when I had an opportunity to review the Fels Naptha Bar myself, I realized that there is no scrubbing, there’s rubbing but not scrubbing.  And, better yet, it lasts a lot longer than many of the other products I was using. So, I first gave it a try in a hotel room one night because I found myself trying to wash nasty pants in the sink of the hotel.


I was shocked at how easy it was to rub, not scrub, the bar on the stained areas and then bam, I put them in the sink for a little soak and that was the end of that.  Later, at home, I realized that I didn’t even have to do the soaking, all I had to do was rub the bar on the stains and then wash normally.

My youngest is a laundry-woman’s nightmare even when it isn’t baseball pants.  The shirts he wears every day to school look like he has wrestled a pig in the mud.  The Fels Naptha Bar is definitely the way to go on cleaning these little gems too.

As always, I received the Fels Naptha Bar as part of a promotions but these personal stories and opinions are all my own.

jerri ann

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