This is One Proud Mamma Bear

As many of you know, I’ve been hovering beneath the sheets in a fit of all kinds of illnesses.  I was so sick that I missed Jace’s state wrestling tournament last weekend and so sick that I’m just now getting around to  writing about it.  It was not a matter of not being proud, it was a matter of being able.  So, yes, I am a very proud mama. 

But, want to know what I am more proud about?  I’m more proud about both of my kid’s grades on this progress report.  They weren’t all straight A’s like I always thought my kids would produce and they certainly aren’t indicative of the very best they can do.  But, I come to realize that what they do doesn’t have to be perfect.  Sure, I’d be equally boastful if they were both scholars but the fact of the matter is, they aren’t, they are normal kids, with very high levels of intelligence…and they enjoy being kids. 

Sound like I’m settling?

Nope, I’m letting my kids be kids. Gone are the days of listening to them cry and agonize over every math problem, every reading quiz, every social studies test…we are living life and we are allowing our children to set their own goals and work to achieve them.  Not work to achieve goals that we set for them.  That said, I want to share 2 other short tales of why I am proud of my kids.


Walker and Me

Walker, he is an 11 year old, hyper-intelligent little boy with a heart of gold.  Here is February and I know the basics about his classmates.  Some from years past, some new this year, but I truly only new the basics.  It’s been about 2 weeks since we had this conversation but basically, there is a kid in his class who doesn’t bring snack or purchase snack at school because his parents can’t afford it.  That’s about all I know about the little boy other than the fact that Walker has been splitting is break money with this kid almost every day since school started. 

Some days we send snack and some days we send $1.00 so he can purchase snack.  Just depends on what we have here and what he thinks he might want to purchase.  Not once, not one time, not once, you hear me, not once has my son asked for extra money so that this little boy could have snack.  He has merely split his snack with the boy.  My heart breaks for the youngster as I know he has younger siblings as well who may not have a friend as kind as Walker in their class.  But, my heart also swells with pride that my son is willing to take this extra step and do what he has done out of the goodness of his heart.  This is one special kid, I’m telling you now world, this kid rocks.


Jace is 9 and while he struggles academically, this is definitely the time of the year that he seems to bring it on and catch up with is peers.  He is a very loud but endearing little boy though.  As I mentioned above, he wrestled in the state tournament last weekend and I wasn’t there so this story is second hand from his dad but I think I have it right.  The time came in the tournament that Jace had to wrestle a teammate.  A teammate he had been sparring with in practice since the very first practice last November.  The two would go at one another like beasts and then play and have a good time afterwards. 

It’s a little complicated if you don’t understand wrestling but the wrestlers wear a band around their ankle, either red or green, so that the official can signal to the scorekeeper when points are made.  Every single match of every single tournament, Jace has worn the red band on his ankle.  And, when the match was over, he could quickly look at the score table and see whether he won or not.  However, this particular match, he was green. 

jace and friend

He and his pal were giggling as they shook hands before the opening whistle.  Once the whistle sounded, it was all business.  The match ended with the kid wearing the green band winning 5-4.  That was Jace.  However, he was so accustom to wearing the red band that when the referee raised Jace’s hand to signal that he had won, Jace became frantic because he has always been red and red lost.  He and his pal hugged at the conclusion of the match but Jace was still terribly upset when he reached the sidelines.  He thought he had lost and his pal had won.  He thought they were giving the victory to the wrong person and he was not going to have any of that. 

And that…that’s makes me the proudest mamma of 2 kids with the biggest hearts in the whole world.

jerri ann


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    A very proud Mamma, you should be. Your kids have hearts of gold…compassion, drive, unselfishness…towards others. There’s a lot to be said for that.


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